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Why does trauma happen?

Tests are opportunities to learn life lessons, grow in faith, and earn forgiveness for past sins. Rather than worshiping God on edge, we should recognize that He tests those whom He loves. Our relationship with Him should not depend solely on everything going right in our lives.When facing hardships, remember that the pain is temporary, but the reward earned through patience and faith will be eternal.

Why are relationships so hard?

Your family can be your greatest blessing or your greatest test. While you may pray for a peaceful family and Allah’s protection, sometimes conflicts arise from within the family itself. Depending on your upbringing, you may feel strength and confidence from your caretakers, or you might carry a strong internal criticism due to unfair parenting or unrealistic expectations.

Why did God make me this way?

We all possess different abilities, whether physical, intellectual, or emotional. Sometimes we wonder why others excel in areas where we struggle. It’s essential to recognize that each person’s unique abilities serve a purpose. In areas where we lack, Allah compensates by granting us blessings elsewhere. Recognize these headstarts and use them to please Allah. Helping others with our abilities is a way to express gratitude.

Why does God allow suffering?

The world is filled with suffering, wars, natural disasters, and diseases. People often wonder why bad things happen to good people. However, from an Islamic perspective, suffering serves a purpose and has divine wisdom. We should ask ourselves: When innocent people suffer, what can we do? How can their suffering motivate us to take action and alleviate their pain? Our hearts should remain sensitive to the struggles of others.

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