For Those Left Behind

How do you pray the Janazah, or the Islamic funeral prayer? What is the Sunnah of the burial? Are women allowed to visit the graveyard? What are the rules of 'iddah for a grieving widow? As our community encounters death at an increasing rate, the questions on how to bury your loved one or offer condolences to those left behind have also increased. How do we honor our dead beyond the Janazah? How can the families of our deceased brothers and sisters cope and grow, while staying connected to their loved ones after they die? This series is meant to provide spiritual guidance to those left behind who are grieving, while also covering the Islamic rulings associated with death and mourning for practical purposes. From the best du'as to make for the dead to whether they can hear you when you visit their grave to the etiquette for offering and receiving condolences (the 'azza), we pray that this series will offer clarity and comfort to those who need it most in these difficult times.